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Sat, Feb. 11th, 2006, 08:46 pm

Dear fellow babies,

I hope no one mind (and is tough if you do) but today I inducted non-human baby into UoB. Is a bold step, but I believe the right one. Non-human baby in question is baby gorilla. Mummy has Googled him and thinks he is called Namoki and is nine months old. I see him today, and babies, he is very sausagey. He climb all up the wall and when he need to get better foothold he stand on his mummy's head, and put his foot in her eye. Mummy was not sure if big gorilla was his mummy, but when he put his foot in her eye and she no complain mummy sigh and say 'is definitely his mummy'. Mummy gorilla get him down when he get stuck, and then he walk along getting under her feet, and then he go off and annoy other gorillas. Namoki gorilla, you are big furry sausage-baby, and you welcome to UoB. Oh, and mummy says is very cool cos his mummy was blind and got her eyes fixed and then had baby. Is good job she can see him to rescue him from walls.

Fellow babies, if you see sausagey babies of other species, maybe you invite them to join? Is probably best if they are animals that stay babies for more than five seconds though, as is more opportunity for sausaginess.

For the record, I quite sausagey at zoo, I decide I don't like fish so much after all, and I splash in a puddle and get my trousers all wet. But I no climb any walls.