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Union of Babies

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The Union of Babies oversees all aspects of babies behaviour towards the world in general, and especially their parents. This includes:
  • sleep practices (we advocate as little as possible)
  • moods (grumpiness is a top priority, along with contrariness and all-round unpredictability)
  • interaction with objects (the naughtier the better)

Baby members communicate by whatever means are available. Face to face meetings are desirable but as that often involves cooperation from parents and long periods of sitting in carseats, they don't happen that often. Baby telepathy and late-night MSN sessions are good alternatives. Communication is essential for strategic planning of behaviours to be implemented, depending on parental events and wishes so we can do the opposite of what they want.

We have produced the following statement on membership requirements for the UoB, as some people were under the impression there was some age stipulation for the Union:

"Being a baby is not an age, it's a state of mind. Just so long as you're safe in the knowledge that the world revolves around you, and owes you a living, that everything is there for you to eat or play with, and that everyone must do your bidding, you can remain a member. Many professional footballers, pop stars and politicians remain members well into their thirties, and beyond."

The Union of Babies community is maintained by ladyynara and lackofgravitas on behalf of babyandrew and pootle_crouton because they have bigger hands and can type faster.
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